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Quality Engineer QE

Number of people: multipleSalary: 3K-5K / monthJob Responsibilities1. Responsible for analysis and handling of major quality accidents and customer complaints;2. Organize and plan the company's pr···

 Number of people:  multiple

 Salary 3K-5K / month

 Job Responsibilities 

1. Responsible for analysis and handling of major quality accidents and customer complaints;

2. Organize and plan the company's product quality improvement program and preventive measures, use statistical methods to monitor the production process and ensure product quality.

Stabilizers continue to improve;

3. Responsible for communication and coordination of internal/external quality issues;

4. Responsible for the implementation of the company's quality policy and quality objectives in place;

5. Responsible for product realization process planning, production equipment operation procedures, production operation guidance, inspection operation guidance, preparation;

6. Responsible for the final determination of nonconforming product and the organization and execution of relevant decision-making activities;

7. Responsible for the recognition and training of technicians in quality work qualifications;

 Job requirements 

1. Bachelor degree or above;

2. There is positive energy that can propagate positive energy.

3. Organizational planning and execution ability, strong sense of responsibility, quick thinking, strong communication and coordination.

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